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And through Inclusive Access, they gain access to affordable course materials on or before the first day of class. Instructors can also include content from multiple chapters to help students prepare for a cumulative exam. Based on the student’s previous performance, Personalized Review recommends content for instructors to include in the assignment—so each student’s review will be personalized based on specific knowledge gaps.

SmartBook uses four stages – Practice, Read, Preview and Recharge – to ensure students spend valuable time with content. Guide your teaching and remediation with SmartBook class and individual student performance data. Pick the topics, depth of coverage, and even the length of time students spend on an assignment. With the ReadAnywhere App, students can access their eBook and complete SmartBook 2.0 assignments on their smartphone, on or off-line.

Spaced Practice

The current ConnectPlus eBook will remain and function as is (tied to assignments, read it from Library…). SmartBook is available with LearnSmart and it is designed for students to use as an additional study tool. Just as LearnSmart does, SmartBook determines what information the student is most likely to forget (and when they are most likely to forget it). During the Recharge stage, SmartBook presents students with that content along with any other material that he or she needs to know in order to master what they don’t know. Instructors spend 90% more time on active learning experiences instead of admin tasks when Connect is in use. Connect is a complete course platform that enables you to take your students further.

SmartBook helps solve a lot of these problems by filtering out unimportant information, asking review questions as you’re reading, and creating personal highlights and outlines of what needs review. Using SmartBook can help you save time and more efficiently learn material from your textbook and let you spend time working on the rest of your course assignments and projects. Today, SmartBook 2.0 builds on our market-leading technology with enhanced capabilities that deliver a more personalized, efficient and accessible learning experience for students and instructors. Students can now recharge their learning by accessing previously completed assignments with a personalized learning experience focused on areas that need extra attention. This creates a situation where the instructor has to take valuable class time reviewing prerequisite content or teaching the basics. Spanning over 90+ disciplines and serving multiple education markets around the world, SmartBook has emerged as the leader in adaptive learning.

How the Adaptive Logic Works

This information should not be considered complete, up to date, and is not intended to be used in place of a visit, consultation, or advice of a legal, medical, or any other professional. Based on research with students, guidance is now improved to include more concise and helpful pop-up tips and text prompts. You and your students who are using ConnectPlus can experience SmartBook for the rest of the semester. Students using Connect earned a 7.5% higher test score than non-Connect students. Whether you’re looking for a Connect® demo, your rep, or have some questions – this is the form for you. Complete the form below and we’ll get in touch with you as soon as we can.

This unique question approach improves comprehension and long-term retention. Your books are not with your students 24/7, but their phones are. Making it even easier for your students to fit studying into their lives. Get more opportunities to close student knowledge gaps by tailoring your lecture to your class needs. Create assignments from multiple chapters or previously assigned concepts.

Deepening Connections to Inspire Successful Learning Environments

As an Instructor, do I need to modify any of my LearnSmart assignments? Students will continue to access LearnSmart assignments the same way as they do today. However, once they are in the LearnSmart assignment, they can click on a SmartBook button to launch SmartBook.

You don’t even have to assign a lot of points to the homework because studying becomes like a game to them. Of students indicated it is important for digital learning technology to adapt to their unique learning style. We’ve created a secure space for learning that balances intentional rigor with the freedom to make mistakes. This is an environment that develops self-awareness through meaningful, immediate feedback that improves student success. We have shared some examples of these tools in our demonstration, but to understand the full capabilities we invite you to explore SmartBook 2.0 on your own or ask for a demo from your local representative. New reports allow instructors to navigate and manage the SmartBook data easier as well as moving from the class view to individual student view quickly.

During the Read stage, students are presented with an eBook that has been “highlighted” to show the content they should focus on. The highlighted content is determined by the authors and the LearnSmart data for that particular product. This is “critical” content because it is basic concepts needed for course success as well as areas of known difficulty. As the student progresses through the Read and Practice stages (see next FAQ), the highlights adapt to focus students on the content they need the most based on their individual needs. As a student myself, I know that it is sometimes annoying hearing others tell you how to study. But I have found that reading, practicing, and note-taking really improve my understanding and memory recall.

what is smartbook

When it comes down to it, each person’s studying style is different. Some get bored easily, others aren’t sure where to start, some read the material and still don’t understand what’s happening, etc. SmartBook 2.0 tracks student progress and provides reports that allow educators to identify exactly where and when students are struggling. It helps you easily identify students who may be at risk and spend time helping them with the concepts and topics they need to learn to succeed. What is the recommended workflow for a student who is using SmartBook?

The ReadAnywhere app gives you and your students the ability to download and read entire eBooks or specific chapters, take notes, make annotations and complete assignments, even when what is smartbook offline. Once their mobile devices are connected again, they can sync their assignments and notes by opening the app. Usually students don’t read the course content assigned to them.