How To Buy Binance Coin

Finally, enter the amount of USDT you want to trade and click “Buy BTC”. There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the best way to convert BNB to USDT on Kucoin will vary depending on the individual’s needs and preferences. However, some methods for converting BNB to USDT on Kucoin include using a third-party exchange or trading directly on the Kucoin platform. You can use USDT to trade against other cryptocurrencies on the Kucoin exchange. Therefore, the success of the BNB token depends primarily on the performance of the underlying blockchain platform. Should Binance continue its successful run, the value of BNB is likely to increase.

  • BNB us a hybrid consensus mechanism known as proof-of-stake authority (PoSA).
  • By doing so, you stand to profit as long as the BTC value continues to rise.
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  • Binance will continue this process every quarter until it destroys 100 million Binance Coins—approximately 50% of the supply.
  • Its market cap has benefited from the rising popularity and adoption of the Binance ecosystem, which includes a vast range of dApps and innovative financial services.

Indeed, several analysts consider that the virtual currency could eventually compete against Ethereum (ETH). Nowadays, BNB is working on different DeFi platforms as Ethereum on several other protocols. You can get additional utility with some of the available options listed above, such as stalking with Trust Wallet or Ledger wallets. Trust Wallet probably has the most amount of features adopted from Binance exchange, making it a solid choice for holding your BNB outside the parent trading platform.

Select a Crypto Exchange

To create an account with your chosen crypto platform, you only need an email address or mobile number. This will usually allow you to deposit cryptocurrency, but not USD. BNB interacts with and allows developers to build on the layer-1 blockchain known as the BNB Smart Chain. The Binance exchange also uses it to promote discounted trading fees as an incentive to holders. BNB was first sold in the summer of 2017 in an ICO event for about $0.11 per coin. Like most successful cryptoassets, the coin has experienced high volatility and a strong price increase.

The easiest way is to stake the coins directly through the Binance platform. Alternatively, PancakeSwap and other protocols allow for BNB staking as well. In the US, Binance was forced to launch a separate US entity with a customized offering for US customers to comply with US regulations. In Europe, they had to temporarily suspend Single European Payment Area (SEPA) deposits to their platform. Binance.US users also receive a 25% discount on trading costs when using BNB to pay fees.

  • BNB is easily accessible for anyone with a Binance or Binance.US account.
  • Binance has promised to respond to investor concerns by improving its approach to regulatory issues.
  • The token named BNB is the BEP-2 version on the Binance Chain (BC) network while the other one named Smart Chain is the BEP-20 token on the BSC network.

In order to buy BNB on one of these exchanges, an account is needed that requires basic identification, and if larger amounts are traded, a complete verification. If your deposit has already been processed, the coin and amount will appear on the list. If you’re running a script or application, please register or sign in with your developer credentials here.

Buy Binance Chain Native Token (BNB) with a Credit or Debit Card

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To connect to these DEXs, wallets supporting the Binance Smart Chain (e.g. MetaMask or Trust Wallet) have to be used. Alternatively, some DEXs running on other blockchains offer synthetic versions of Binance Coin. These tokens represent tokenized BNB on foreign blockchain that track the price of BNB.

Buy Binance Chain Native Token (BNB) with crypto on the KuCoin Spot Market

Whenever you transfer BNB into or out of the Binance Exchange, you will be prompted to select between the two versions. They are almost identical tokens, so knowing how to tell them apart is essential to avoiding costly mistakes. If you are buying BNB to hold it for the long term, consider buying it on an exchange and transferring ice futures and options it to a hardware wallet to keep the private keys safely offline. Once you’ve bought some BNB, think about what your short and long-term goals are. This will help you decide whether to keep it on an exchange, or move it to your own wallet. Be prepared to pay a markup on BNB’s market rate in exchange for the convenience.

Where can I buy BNB?

The closer the bar is to 100%, the closer BNB is to reaching its ATH again. Binance Coin should see its price rise before the end of 2022 and be worth $274, according to Finder’s panel of fintech specialists. And the panel expects BNB’s price to continue to grow, closing out 2025 at $781 and surging to $1,814 by the end of 2030. You’ll find the spot market under a “Trade” or “Spot” heading on the site or app menu of the platform you’ve chosen to use. If you see colorful charts with a range of prices, you’re probably in the spot market. Most exchanges let you buy as little as $5 worth of BNB, if not less.

How To Convert Cryptocurrencies On Kucoin

This guide was all about BNB and how to acquire this highly versatile asset. We highlighted two easy ways to buy it, which are using the Binance exchange or using a mobile wallet such as Trust Wallet. On this screen, there are two [Buy] buttons you can use to purchase BNB. The second button will not be shown if you already have some BNB in your wallet.

Convert Bnb To Usdt Kucoin

Most exchanges allow you to choose between market and limit orders at the time of the transaction. If you want to sell BNB on Kucoin, you will need to create an account and deposit BNB into your account. Once you have BNB in your account, you can go to the Markets page and select the BNB/BTC or BNB/ETH pair to place a sell order. A limit order will only sell your BNB at a certain price or higher, while a market order will sell your BNB at the best available price. Binance, BNB’s main website, is also one of the websites that BNB supports.