Customer Engagement Strategies 2023

7 Customer Engagement Strategies Tailored for 2021

Customer engagement

Analyzing this data helps understand customer behavior, which is invaluable in tailoring products, services, and marketing campaigns to meet customer needs. Many companies calculate a customer engagement score, or a single number that is used to measure how engaged customers are. Implementing a loyalty program is an excellent strategy for increasing customer engagement and deepening brand investment. As many successful companies have discovered, it is almost always less expensive to maintain and develop relationships with existing clients than it is to acquire new customers.

  • Successful customer engagement goes beyond a customer’s initial transaction.
  • Video livestreaming is a powerful marketing tool that offers customers and prospects a window into your brand and the people involved in your business.
  • For example, a telecommunications company that engages customers through social media platforms and live chat support ensures quick and convenient access to assistance, increasing customer satisfaction.
  • Great — let’s promote related products to increase that cart and customer lifetime value.
  • Getting customer feedback is another powerful way to level up your engagement game.
  • The impact of customer engagement on content distribution can be significant.

Thus, the byproducts of a successful customer engagement strategy are many. Every engagement or customer interaction provides the opportunity to develop customer loyalty, yes. Without those insights, you’re more likely to have missed opportunities for the business, like making more informed marketing decisions, honing your sales process, or reinvesting in the brand experience.


Using these insights, they can tailor content and experiences to customers’ unique needs and meet their expectations. When done right, engaged customers can become your ultimate brand advocates through word of mouth, helping your business generate more revenue. Companies that fail to respond to customers via social media witness a 15% increase in customer churn rates. You can measure customer loyalty with the help of Net Promoter Score (NPS) surveys.

Customer engagement

The message needs to clearly outline what the next step is that they need to take, and the value to them of taking that step. The more people there are in your company, the harder it is to maintain a consistent voice and tone. A company style guide helps ensure a consistent voice in your brand messaging. At Intercom we’ve also shared why we think a style guide for a brand experience is so important. You wouldn’t send a message to business customers in the US on the Fourth of July, so be aware of major holidays in other parts of the world where you might have lots of customers. What might be an oversight to you might display a lack of insight to your loyal customers.

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Use a variety of content formats, such as blog posts, videos, podcasts, or webinars, to address different customer needs and preferences. At its core, customer engagement is about fostering a meaningful and ongoing relationship between a customer and a business. This relationship extends beyond mere transactions, encompassing emotional, psychological, and behavioral aspects. Between Insider’s personalized campaigns and introducing SMS, we’ve connected with more customers than ever before, exceeded their expectations and driven incredible results.

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From a shared single inbox, team members can handle every different messaging interactions across email, SMS, Whatsapp, social media, and live chat. With multichannel messaging support and analytics tools, your team members will be able to resolve concerns more quickly—and provide a better digital customer experience. So your live agents will be able to concentrate on other calls or chat requests.

Boosts Customer Retention and Loyalty

Those relationships are built, of course, by providing your customers with highly relevant, personalized experiences consistently at every touchpoint. Customer experience covers every touchpoint in your marketing funnel, from navigating your website or app to browsing the shelves in your retail location and speaking with a customer support representative. Customer experience is the holistic impression and feelings your customer gets from these interactions as a whole.

Customer engagement

The core elements of a successful customer engagement strategy should include the highest quality customer experience. Develop content that supports buyers’ evolving needs throughout the funnel. Use customer insight and data to create a positive brand perception and boost engagement across all channels.

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Customer engagement